About Me

2 Posted by - June 12, 2013 - About Me

My name is Hans-Jörg Knabel. I’m a professional writer and specialist in video game narrative with more than ten years of experience in game writing and managing story productions. Five of these ten years I have been Head of Story at Spellbound Entertainment.

As a freelance writer, I offer all services needed to get narrative into a game. These services are:

  • player experience design,
  • narrative design (including world design, character design, location design, quest design, plotting, etc.),
  • managing story production,
  • script writing,
  • dramatic direction,
  • casting and voice direction,
  • script doctoring,
  • localization editing,
  • story consulting.

I offer these services as a full package, but you can also hire me for single components. Do you just need a narrative producer? Or a script writer? That’s fine for me. Just contact me, and we can discuss the details.