After the Battle (EN)

1 Posted by - June 11, 2013 - Scripts, Work Samples

In Arcania: Gothic 4 we had several cinematics marking central plot points of the story. What you can read here is the English script of the cinematic that is played when the player enters the Valley of Blood.

The battlefield in the Valley of Blood (daytime/cloudy)

Gawaan’s face. It is caked with blood and dirt. His eyes are closed, and he seems to be dead. Suddenly, he draws a rattling breath and coughs painfully. His eyes go wide, moving first to the right, then to the left. The camera pans up. Gawaan is lying on muddy, trampled ground. Dead paladins and Setarrifans dot the landscape around him. To his left, a pile of rubble; limbs and the torso of a dead paladin jut out between the rocks. The dead paladin’s face is a mask of fear and pain. Over the rubble thrones the gigantic stone head of a statue with demonic features, staring directly at Gawaan with sightless eyes.

The battlefield in the Valley of Blood (daytime/cloudy)

Gawaan struggles to his feet, rising in front of the rubble and the giant demon head on shaky legs. His gaze wanders over the battlefield. Dead men on muddy ground. Scorched trees. The chaos after a battle. Somewhere, a Setarrifan soldier stirs. Gawaan’s gaze starts wandering again. A paladin kneels in the mud, dazed, and tries to aim his crossbow at Gawaan. But a Setarrifan soldier looms behind the paladin, takes him down with an axe. The soldier then staggers and falls on his knees at the side of the paladin he just slew.

The battlefield in the Valley of Blood (daytime/cloudy)

Gawaan staggers over to the soldier and puts his mailed hand on his shoulder.

It is over. Time to go home.

The exhausted soldier looks up at Gawaan.

Setarrifan Soldier
What about the dead, my lord?

We will return. With men and shovels.

In the Gorge of the Penitents (daytime/cloudy)

Gawaan staggers through the Gorge of the Penitents with three of his men. They are leaning on each other’s shoulders.

Behind a boulder in the Gorge of the Penitents (daytime/cloudy)

A group of armed orcs is lying in wait behind a boulder, watching Gawaan and his men, ready to ambush them the instant they come stumbling past. Erhag, the leader of the orcs, grins evilly.

Now, you belong to me, Morra! (Chuckles deviously)