Arcania: Gothic 4

1 Posted by - June 11, 2013 - (Voice) Direction, Narrative Design, Portfolio, Script Writing, Story Production

Arcania: Gothic 4 (2010) is a sequel to the RPG cult series Gothic from Piranha Bytes. This part of the series has been developed by Spellbound Entertainment in collaboration with Jowood.

The story of Arcania: Gothic 4 begins several years after the incidents of Gothic 3. The nameless hero became king of Midland and is now called Rhobar III. He sets sail with his fleet to conquer the Southern Islands, but during the passage a dark melancholie takes possession of his soul. When he finally reaches the Southern Islands he is unable to lead his troups. His paladins and knights wage war on his behalf. One of the islands they distroy is Feshyr. There, a new nameless hero arises in order to fight against the aggressors.

My contribution to this project has been:

  • narrative design,
  • character design,
  • all cinematics,
  • some dialogs and conversations (the bigger part has been written by David Sallmann and Dietrich Limper),
  • managing story production,
  • German casting and voice direction.

English samples of my work on this project can be found browsing the work samples category.