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In Arcania: Gothic 4 we used several key characters the fans of the series knew since Gothic 1. In order to get these characters right, I wrote medium-format character outlines. What you can read here is Diego’s outline.


Race Human
Age 50
Profession Smuggler
Function The hero’s mentor
Region Feshyr and the rest of the Southern Islands

Short Description

Diego is a good-looking, charismatic man at the age of 50. Once, he was the richest man of the world, but now he is stranded on the Southern Islands and earns his living as a smuggler. He is the kind of man you really have to fear when he is your enemy, but you can count on when he decides to be your friend.
Diego has an impressive, high forehead and an angular chin. His hair is close-cropped and well-groomed. Once, it was black, but now it is grey. His eyebrows and mustache are bushy and as grey as his hair. His gaze is penetrating all the time, no matter if he is looking mild or stern.
Diego is a little bit vain. The style of his clothes makes him look like a pirate, not like a cruel pirate, but like an honest pirate (see the heroes of old pirate films).

Story Behind

Gothic 1

Diego’s life has always been adventurous. Most of his time he spent as an ore thief in the streets of Khorinis. This is the reason, why he was locked up behind the magic barrier.

Gothic 2

After the barrier was destroyed, he proved his honesty by warning the Khorinian paladins of the dragons. The paladins rewarded his honesty by sending him back to the prison colony in order to work in the mines. He was able to escape from the mines and joined the nameless hero in his fight against the undead dragon.

Gothic 3

After defeating the undead dragon, Diego accompanied the nameless hero to Myrtana. As Myrtana was occupied by the Orcs, Diego went south. He became the governor of the great treading city of Mora Sul in Varant and the richest man in the world.

Arcania: Gothic 4

When the nameless hero proclaimed himself King of Midland and started a campaign in order to reunite the old kingdom, Diego joined his host as a king’s counselor. He realized very soon that there was something wrong with the king and tried to help him, but failed and left the king’s host. He went to the unoccupied parts of the Southern Islands in order to live as a free man. Since this day, he has been earning his living as a smuggler and has been supplying the free people of the Southern Islands with everything they need in order to withstand the threat of the doomed king.

Matching Adjectives

Down to earth, friendly, honest, calm, good-looking, charismatic, self-confident

Major Strength

Diego is an excellent trader and an excellent thief. He can get and sell almost anything he wants. He is an experienced fighter, too.

Major Weakness

Winning Diego’s trust is not easy, but once Diego trusts somebody he tends to ignore the mis-takes of the person he trusts.

Main Motivation

Diego joined Rhobar III when he was asked to become one of the king’s counselors. But when the king became more and more dark-minded and acted more and more like a tyrant, Diego left the king’s host and went to the unoccupied parts of the Southern Islands in order to live as a free man. As his freedom is threatened by the doomed king and his host, Diego does everything in his power to prevent Rhobar III from conquering the Southern Islands. That is the reason why he is working as a smuggler. He is supplying the free people from the Southern Islands with food and arms, etc.

Anticipated Role within Arcania: Gothic 4

Diego becomes one of our hero’s mentors. He teaches him to fight with sword and shield and brings him to Argaan after Feshyr has been destroyed by the knights of Rhobar III. At Argaan, Diego asks our hero to search for the Long-Forgotten Temple where he should find an ancient sword that might help him fight against Rhobar III and his cruel knights. Diego offers our hero encouragement and helpful advice whenever they meet.

Behavior Studies

Entering a Crowded Inn Alone

Diego opens the door and steps inside. The taproom is crowded and noisy. Diego stops just behind the door and surveys the customers carefully. He discovers a prosperous looking merchant sitting at a table alone and squeezes self-confidently through the crowd until he reaches the merchant’s table. “Do you mind?” Diego asks looking earnestly in the merchant’s face. The merchant does not dare to decline. Diego sits down at the merchant’s table. “You look like someone who got around a great deal. Let’s talk for a while”, he says involving the merchant in a conversation about the gods, the world and business above all.

Being Alone in a Room

Diego is sitting at the table of the room. He places his saber and his dagger on the table, fishes a whetstone and a cloth out of his bag and starts to sharpen and clean his weapons. He is humming a sad melody while he is working. When he is done, he takes out his coat and inspects it carefully. A blackberry bush has ripped a hole in the coat. Diego grumbles angrily and produces needle and thread from his bag. Then he starts to mend his coat, humming again.

Facing a Sudden Danger

Two bandits jump out of a hedge. They ask Diego to surrender and to hand over his wallet. Diego wrinkles his brow. Poor boys, he thinks drawing his saber with a fast, experienced movement. Then he attacks the bandits without saying a word.

Meeting the Opposite Sex

Diego is sitting in a taproom. The beautiful barmaid gets to the table, offers a beer mug to him. Diego gives her a smile. “You are a damned beautiful girl”, he says standing up. He points at the free chair at his table. “Why don’t you sit down for a while?” The barmaids face turns red, but Diego smiles encouraging and takes hold of her hand. “We could talk, just talk.”

Holding the Baby

“Well”, Diego says holding the baby securely in his arms, “what should we do with you?” He looks around, picks up a wooden spoon from the table, and presents it to the baby. “Here we have a nice little saber for you, little milk leech”, he says. The baby takes hold of the spoon, shakes it around very wildly. “Ah! Good boy! You know how to handle a saber”, Diego says. Then he starts a little finger to spoon fighting with the baby humming a dramatic melody.